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Growing Green ~ Running Blue

In 1997, Banner Neighborhoods became actively involved in the removal of rubbish from neighborhood sidewalks and bulk trash from alleys. The Clean Streets Program achieved remarkable success, creating buy-in that resulted in residents keeping their own blocks clean. The program transitioned into Keep it Clean in 2009 to coincide with the 1+1 change at the City level and encouraged our communities to make larger striders in the number of residents recycling.

Now, in 2014 and beyond, Banner continues to support efforts in each of our 10 communities to Grow Green and Run Blue, understanding that green/blue communities are safe, healthy, beautiful and sustainable.

Banner grows green by helping in community gardens, supporting the transformation of vacant lots and planting trees. Banner runs blue by linking these greening efforts to storm water management, encouraging watershed education and supporting local initiatives that link clean communities with reaching goals for a clean Harbor and Chesapeake Bay.

'Trash in the street, pollutes what we eat.'

-Developed by Banner's youth and adopted by Blue Water Baltimore for use throughout the city.

Banner Neighborhoods